Update on Remembering John Hulley

Hulley Portrait RD 3534John Charles Lincoln Hulley (1923-2014), who also used the name John Carrington Richards in some of his later publications and interviews, graduated from Harvard College with high honors with a major in Economics. He spent his professional career as an economist in the U.S. government and achieved special recognition of his services in the Marshall Plan for European recovery. He worked for 10 years at World Bank headquarters in Washing­ton, D.C., latterly as a senior economist in the Policy Planning Divi­sion.

He also stud­ied for a year at Harvard Divin­ity School. For the last 27 years he has lived in Israel, 20 of them in Jerusa­lem, writing and lecturing on science and religion.

His papers have appeared in govern­ment publi­cations, as well as in Nature (Lon­don); World Politics (Princeton, N.J.); Astronautics and Aeronautics (N.Y.); Space Journal (Hunts­ville, Ala.); Counterpoint and B’Or HaTorah (both in Jerusa­lem) Jezreel’s Call (Jerusalem and Charlotte, NC), and the Jerusalem Post.

His essay, “Dynamics of life in the Uni­verse,” was selected as required reading at the War Col­lege of the U.S. Air Force, where astro­nauts train. Two other papers by him were published by the Congres­sional Committee on Science and Tech­nology.

His first book, Comets, Jews, and Christians: Scientists and Bible-Believers Confront the Greatest Threat to Our Survival was published in 1996. In this work he pioneered a study of the cultural and religious background of winners of Nobel prizes in science, and how the unique symbiotic relationship between Jewish and Christian culture has functioned since the Enlightenment to advance our abilities to explore Space.

His also completed a second book dealing with the historical migrations of the ancient tribes of Israel and their partnership with the Jewish people in post-Enlightment European culture, What’s The Messiah Waiting For? as yet unpublished.

Most recently he has turned to analyze the economic and military impact of a growing China in its relationship to the Anglo-American/European alliance and has published several articles and analyses including “A Chink in the Armor of China,” Jerusalem Post, May 2010.

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James D. Tabor